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"Broome & Company has done all of our reed restoration for the past twenty years. Their expertise is unquestioned, their pipe repairs (and reconstructions where necessary) are beautifully done, and their tonal results demonstrate unparalleled historical sensitivity and respect for the original builder's intent. Recently Dave and Chris restored thirty-five reeds (including six 16' stops) for our Longwood Gardens Aeolian project. The work involved a significant amount of research on Aeolian voicing techniques, the use of virtually all original reed tongues and wind pressures of eight to thirty inches. As usual, the pipes look like new, the tuning is exceptionally stable and the tone is superb." -Nelson Barden, Nelson Barden & Associates

"For decades, David Broome has been a godsend to any organbuilder wanting expert reed voicing, revoicing or restoration. With Chris Broome, the tradition continues unabated and with special interest for replicating older material. It is hard to imagine a finer replica than the new Choir Trumpet for Church of the Advent, Boston. Not only does the tone and attack mirror the original pipes, but the stop is stable as any flue." -Jonathan Ambrosino

“Dear Chris,
This is a letter of appreciation to you and your father for the fine reed work you’ve provided for us throughout the years. As you know, we’ve faced some rather serious challenges on a number of high-profile projects. Your sincere interest in every reed, coupled with welcome suggestions based on so many years of hands-on experience, is some of the best we encounter in the industry. Your firm’s work is consistently so good and timely that it frees us to focus our concentrations on the other portions of the contract at hand.”
Mike Foley, Foley-Baker Inc.

"Two reeds, the English Horn in the Solo, and the Orchestral Oboe in the Antiphonal Swell, were beautifully voiced by David and Chris Broome turning out exactly as we had wanted them, and possessing striking imitative qualities. The full-length 32' Contra Posaune, masterfully voiced by Chris Broome, gives plenty of weight and power to full organ, but without being brash or rattling. The enclosed Tuba Mirabilis has harmonic resonators from tenor F# and is voiced on 15" pressure, providing the traditional dark, smooth and powerful tone suggested by its name." -Stephen Russell, Russell & Company

"Broome & Company is the only company I turn to when the reeds are essential to the completion of any of our pipe organ projects. Before their emergence on the scene, it was difficult to find anyone who paid as much attention to detail in the scaling and voicing of reed pipes. Their attention to detail of the reeds is apparent in the tonal finishing and long term stability, as well as the immediate satisfaction of our clients in the finished product." -James Garvin, J.E. Garvin & Associates